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Vocal Coaching

Vocal Coaching

in-person & virtual

Lessons are now available in-studio with enhanced safety measures.

Your personalized vocal coaching includes 9 sessions, during which we will work on two songs of your choice – one fast and one slow. Once you are comfortable singing them acapella start to finish, we will bring in Earl McAuley (a pianist) to accompany you. 

By the end of your sessions, you will walk away with a recording of each song and a higher level of confidence. 

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I will challenge you in an exciting and motivating way to engage your true voice, while getting past the stress, pressure and nerves that can add an element of fear or stage fright. We’re going to push and stretch our “limits”, and we’re going to have fun doing it!

9 Vocal Coaching Sessions (+2 recordings & piano accompaniment) = $690

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Working on the mic and recording your voice is, I believe, invaluable experience.

Speech Coaching

in-person and virtual

Are you looking to overcome your fear of public speaking? Do you want to develop your communication skills?

Be prepared to move your audience with the power of your voice.  

Develop your presentation skills with one-on-one public speaking coaching. You will learn how to:

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Whether you are giving an executive presentation, a wedding speech, giving a toast, or speaking at any formal gathering, it’s worth it to invest in  yourself to find your unique voice and confidence.