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Books Written By Dani Moon

The Waterdish Dogs

by dani moon

the waterdish dogs

“Come with me,” the creek seemed to beckon. “Follow me.” Ashley grew up near these woods, but had never before seen this creek. And she had no idea it was going to lead her to the adventure of her life. But how was she supposed to handle the challenges of being a socially awkward 15 year old, with a life of portals into other worlds? Why was this happening to her? She knew one thing for sure – that she could count on Joe, and that he was much more than the big friendly dog he appeared to be.

The Waterdish Dogs is a fantastical journey following a shy teen as she finds her confidence, as well as her purpose in life This enchanting story has an environmental theme, but doesn’t preach. It is a mesmerizing escape into a magical world.

At The Park

by dani moon

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Meet the fun and loveable mess that is Baby Boom! Baby Boom goes on all kinds of adventures. Baby Boom has all kinds of friends. Baby Boom learns all kinds of lessons. Baby Boom sees life through a different lens! Join Baby Boom and friends: – at the zoo – in the woods – at the beach – in the rain and snow – in the garden – in the backyard – on a picnic – and at the park!